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Midterm Exam Fall

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  1. Explain how you have used the Design Process outside of class since the semester began


Although I have not used the Design Prosses in a particular project that I can think of right now, I have always been using the first steps of the design process in my mind and occationaly I draw a new design or tell some one else about the idea. My lattest one was when a Hanover bus drove by me as I was biking home one day. It was a bran new bus and it was much more styling/ aerodynamic and lower than all the other buses. Then after a lot of thought I saw another regular bus. A couple days latter I was doing my research paper and I saw a link to a TNT test truck that has a capacity of 7.5 tons. THe truck is a test to see how theis new ELECTRIC truck will be able to complete the daily routes. The truck can go up to fifty five miles per hour, and has a distance of one hundred and sixty miles. That spurred me to think that the school busses could be electric. I defined the problem, busses were to big and not areodynamic by any means. In addition they were to high off the ground as well as the fact that they polluted. Then I researche dthe problem a little fing out more info about the electric bus and about buses in general. Then I went to solving the problems in a design.I had already solved one of the problems and that was change the power to electric to get rid of the pollution and also this reduces the health risk to all the children ridding the bus. Second, I desided that with the drive shaft going down the length of the bus I could lower the floor. However I was told that if I lowered the floor then the bus would loose two to four seats because of wheel whels. THen I redesigned the bus so that there were ten wheels on the bus rather than the convetionl six inorder to reuce the wheel size and reduce the whell size. Then I figured that by moving the door back a couple of seats that I could slop the front of the bus and there for make it more areo dynamic. I also saw that the ceiling is very high on the bus which was empty spce only used when getting on and off the bus so I decided that most people don't have to wory about it becuse if ur in high school most people already have to bend their head and those not in high school have a good 12 inches between the ceiling and there head. So I lowered that. Finaly I put the batteries in the unused space between the wheel wells. ALthough I have not made a prototype I have draw it out on paper and think that it could definetly tralvel through all the routes of the day however there would still have to be normal buses to travel to far away high school sports games.


  1. Choose one the projects that we did this semester and explain how it works and how this information is useful in the world outside class.


Well My favorite project in this class has been the solid state box project. We started the project by designing a controller for the solid state boxes that had a potetiometer and an outlet. We found the best way to enclose the potentionmeter and outlet so that it was easy to store, easily reproduceable, and safe as far as all the wires being contained. Then after building several of these controllers, we started to figure out what we were going to use as the solid state box. We finally settled on the paper boxes, In order to do the test we wanted several different samples. We insulated three of the four boxes. One was insulated with R-10 two inch foam, andother with R-5 one inch foam, and another with 1/4 inch cardboard. THese uninsulated box was our controll. Once this was complete we installed a light and thermometer through holes that we had made in the top of the box. The light was in the center and the thermometer was half way between the light and the insulation. Then we were ready to test the project. We set up all the boxes and pluged all the lights into a light strip. Then plugged the light strip into one of the controllers that we had made. Then we turned the controller to a low setting and truned the controller on. Every minute we checked the temperature and wrote it down so that after the test we could make a graph. The test results were easily predictable the non insulated box only rose three degrees while the 2-inch foam took sixty eight minutes and got much hotter. The surprising thing is how much hotter the box with 2-inch foam actualy got, starting at nineteen degrees Celcius and rose to fifty two degrees celcius, which is in the one hundred and twenty degree feirenheight area.

  1. What was the most interesting thing you learned so far from this class? Explain.


I learned about wiring and I thought that was pretty interesting. I liked the controller and steady state box. I had fun with that project.


  1. What do you wish you learned from this class?


I whish had learned more about the concepts. rather than just doing projects and documenting them I found that there was not much information in the book nor the packet about the actual terms that sould be learned however there were questions about these terms. I was wondering how they expect us to learn these terms without the help of the book.

  1. What do you hope to learn from this class next semester?


I hope to learn more about concepts. Although I like having hands on projects I relize that to become an engineer you have to read up on things and learn concepts without always just learning from mistakes.

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