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Discuss using the design process to solve problems. Explain how you use the design process differently now than you did at the start of the class.


Using the design process is a sure way to find a solution for 99% of all problems. It takes you through the nessesarry steps to find at first what the actual problems are. Then to what possible solutions are to fix that problem. Next it helps find the best solution how that solution can be adjusted to even better fix the problem. At the start of class I just ruffly followed the design process. However, now every problem that I encounter i seem to put it through every step of the design process. I have memorized the process and automatically run through it without thinking about it.


Discuss one of the build/design projects you have done. What did you do, what did you learn? How could you use this experience in the future? What would you do differently?


My best project this year was working on the shopbot. I have figured out several different aspects of the shopbot. Using the design process I have learned hot to mass produce things like signs, in addition I have contiued to learn more about cad software when designing different things on the shopbot. I can use this experiece in the future when designing car i will need to make sure all the parts can go to gether quickly and that every part can be mass produced very easily. I would only done one thing differntely, that would be using this whole school year worth of time rather than just the last couple of weeks.


What was the biggest challenge for you this year?


The biggest challenge of the year was finding a fun interesting project to work on all year. I have finally found it, the shopbot.


What have you learned that could be useful outside of school?


Using the design process has greatly eased my problems outside of school esspecially with my car. I have used it to figure out hot to solve my windshield wiper problem and my wiper fuiold problems along with many others.


Of the things you have done this class, what was the most interesting/surprising?


Most interesting is definetely the shopbot. I have loved working on the machine. It is a very cool tool and it has been a huge amount of fun to see peoples reaction after receiving one of our parts or signs.

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