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Chapter 7

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  1. Dudley defines a systm as a group of parts that work together to achieve a specific goal. The parts of a system are the inputs, outputs, feed back, and goals.
  2. Input-Raw Matterial->Potatoes; Processes-Potato peeler, potato slicer, oven, packing machine, shipping; Feed back- checking of bags at random from the batches of potatoes to make sure they are not crushed and that they taste good Also feed back from customers on what they like and don't like; Output= Goal= the best potato chips in the world for stores to sell.
  3. The goal is not always acieved at the start. It can only be achieved by getting feed back so that they can adjust to the customers needs and to make sure that they produce as many undamaged bags of chips as possible. They can change the Inputs and processes once they have feed back
  4. The Process would include, farming/growing process, potato peeling, slicing, baking, then packaging and shiping of the chips.
  5. The primary process would be the farming process that collects the potatoes after they have grown. This is the first step before the potatoes can be made in to chips.
  6. Three durable goods:Car, house,chair; Non-durable: paper plate,paper cup, pencil
  7. The inputs are metals and plastics. The outputs are atomobiles. The processes are converting the inputs into parts then using the assembly line to put te parts together and finally shipping the car to dealerships. The goal is to produce a high preforming vehicle that meets the needs the general public.
  8. On the writen sheet.
  9. The analysis shows that thereare amny more times that the automobile is wasteful compared to when it is used and driven. Engineers could build the cars on assembly lines to reduce waste. In addition, making the parts the same in more than one car would reduce waste by having a universal part for many vehicles.
  10. I think he says this because if all of the people are working together then they should know what everyone does so that they can improve the system as a whole rather than just themselves. THis reduces waste and makes it easy if someone is unexpectedly not at work one day.

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