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Chapter 19

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  1. The main difference between diesel and gasoline engnes is that Diesel relies totaly on compresion to increase presure and temperature to then ignite the fuel. However Gasoline uses spark plugs to ignite the fuel.
  2. Diesel is much more powerful and effiient than gasoline however, these engines are hard to start in cold climates and emits much more harmful exhaust.
  3. When the air is compressed in the diesel engine it decreases volume while increasing pressure and temperature. Because as long as there is not a leak in the cylinder the number of moles stays the same and there for the equation has to continue to be equal so when one thing decreases another has to increase. When diesel is added to the hot and highly presurized air, there is an immediate increase in pressure and temperature which ignites the fuel and pushes the piston down as the volume increases due to the explotion.
  4. To determine the force at which the piston is pushed down durring step three of the diesel cycle we would need to know the teperature, volume, and number of moles of fuel and air in the cylinder. This could be put into the PV=nRT equation and etablish the amount of pressure.
  5. The temperature of the gas in the chamber will decrease as the volume of the chamber expands in step three.
  6. Diesel engines lose energy through uncombusted fuel that is pushed out of the engine as exhaust because although there are very efficient burning technologies none of them make a 100% transfer of energy.
  7. Electric vehicles are realy making a move forward with the Chevy volt(possibly a full electric option) and the Tesla Roaster. In addition, there are many ethanol and hybrid vehicles coming out everyday which all help to reduce the use of fosil fuel.

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