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Chapter 18

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  1. It is important that the Mars SCIM bring back dust to the earth from Mars because te samples will be able to be examined by all of the technolgy that scientists have hear on earth. These samples will tell a large amount about Mars, including information about current and past life on the planet.
  2. Engineers on the Dr. Ericsson's team will test the spacecraft in many ways. The first is a radiation test. This will determine which components are in danger of malfuntion if they don't have protection and how much protection these pieces will need. Another test is the temperature test. The device will encounter large fluctuations in temperature and exhibit extreme(very high or low) temperatures to simulate space which has no air to regulate the temperature. These are only a couple of the tests that will be completed.
  3. Newton's third law states that every action has an equal and opposite reation. This is used in the Rocket design which forces gases out of the nozzle which is at the opposite end of the rocket to the tip of the rocket. These gases have a large amount of force, which is used to push the rocket at the same speed as the gas however in the opposite direction as the gas is flowing.
  4. Engineers must consider pressure differences when designing components such as a the fuel tank because gas will expand and contract depending on the pressure. This could lead to an explosion or implosition destroying the hole rocket. In terms of fluid movement, if there is an opening in the gas tank and the pressure in space is less than that on the inside of the gas tank then the gas will begin to flow through the opening into space.
  5. Resistance is any force that oposes movement. An example is when driving in a car and you stick your hand out the window, the air acts as fluid resistance and tries to push your hand back.
  6. There are several technologies that involve Newton's third law of motion are a bouncy ball which when it hits an object it bounces off with an equal and opposite reaction. However there is a little bit of friction. Another example is a balloon, when the air is let out of a blown up ballon the balloon thrusts forward. Finnaly, a game of pool uses the third law of motion because when doing a bank shot a player must use the fact that when a ball hits a wall it will come off the wall at the opposite angle at the same speed that it had hit the wall with.

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