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Chapter 17

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  1. Three systems on the Alvin that Bob's team is planning to redesign are the Control for the depth of the submarine, the body of the submarine, and it's hydraulic arm. The depth will be controlled by a Variable Ballast System which will enable the submarine to rise and sink without having to leave weights at the bottom of the ocean. Second, the body of the submarine will be made of titanium alloy, which is light weight, extremely strong, and will not be affected by salt water(rust) as much as the other metals that could fit the job. Third the hydraulic arm will be easier and able to preform better. The user friendliness of the arm is very important because the arm could make the sub get stuck at the bottom if it doesn't operate correctly.
  2. The Alvin is a great example of the relationship between engineers and scientists it is designed and built by engineers as a technology that will help scientists further their research. In addition, Engineers get feedback from the scientists about the performance of the Alvin as well as new needs for certain research projects. This enables the Engineers to redesign a new Alvin.
  3. When you remove your finger from the hole of a kickball the pressure of gas/ fluid on the inside is much higher than the pressure on the outside of the ball. In addition, due to the fluid pressure difference the gas on the inside of the ball will flow from the area of higher pressure, the ball, to the area of lower pressure, outside the ball, as long as there is free passage, which means as long as your finger is not in the way.
  4. The compressibility is used in the variable ballast system, by compressing the gas you can save it for when the submarine needs to rise while allowing space to have water be introduced to the tanks to lower the sub. The incompressibility of liquids is used in the hydraulic system that moves the hydraulic arm, pushing hydraulic fluid through tubes can move large objects because the fluid can not compress into a smaller volume.
  5. The surface area of the piston is a quarter of an inch.
  6. A pneumatic system that I am familiar with is a nail gun. A compressor is used to compress air to power the nail gun. When the trigger on a nail gun is pulled it initializes a difference in pressure which due to fluid pressure difference the air rushes out and expands which creates a lot of force which drives the nail.
  7. My arm will be moved by a hydraulic system because hydraulic systems are much more gentle and can move in very small increments. This enables the arm to pick up small things like a paper clip.

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