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A- June 21, 2006

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Concom Tackles Fish Ladder Obstacle

Morag Maclachlan


06/21/2006 - The construction phase of the Island Creek Fish Ladder off of Tremont Street will be underway in the upcoming weeks, but first an impediment to the project had to be approved for removal.


Conservation Administra-tor Joe Grady went before the Conservation Commission last Tuesday night, June 13, to determine if the board would allow for the adjustment of granite rocks in the fish bed off of Elm Street.


"In moving forward with the fish ladder, we've found that an old dam has dismantled, and blocks about the size of two loaves of bread are in the way," Grady said. "We would like to move them to the side or bring in a stone mason to break them up by hand."


Grady said this portion of the fish ladder project was once owned by Brad Cushing, but is now owned by the town. The commission issued a negative determination, meaning that the blocks could be adjusted to facilitate the restoration.


Jon McGrath, chairman of the Island Creek Task Force, said on Wednesday that in preparing for the construction of the fish ladder, a local boy scout was gearing up to clean the stream.

The Island Creek Fish Ladder off of Tremont Street is being restored. Conservation Administrator Joe Grady said two concrete blocks need to be removed to allow the stream to flow.

"Chad Conway is organizing a task force to clear the stream as part of an Eagle Scout project," McGrath said. "The project will start at the Tobey Garden Street area of the stream."


Bob Fultz, a consultant to the Island Creek Task Force, said Russ Cohen, a riverways advocate with the Mass. Riverways Program, would guide the scouts and any other volunteers regarding vegetation and any debris-clearing associated with the project. McGrath estimated that once the stream is cleared, construction would begin on Elm Street in early July with restoration of the fish ladder off of Tremont Street to commence soon thereafter.


The Island Creek Herring and Smelt Run Restoration Project costs around $305,300. McGrath said the fish ladder has not been restored since 1906 and has gradually deteriorated,, making it impossible for migrating herring to swim upstream to spawn. The Bay Management Commission developed a restoration plan in response to the herring's plight nearly two years ago. The town voted to allot $70,000 of Community Preservation Act funds in 2004 for the project. An additional $35,000 of CPA monies was allocated for the project during Annual Town Meeting this March. Much of the remaining balance of the project has been generated through grants.


In other Conservation Commission news:


• The commission issued a negative determination for an aquaculture grant for Henry McCarthy as well as an aquaculture grant for Paul McCarthy. Both men wanted to relocate to new sites.


• Board members voted to write orders of conditions for landscaping at 221 Standish St.


• The commission moved to write orders of conditions for Osprey Holdings, LLC, since a file number had been issued for the project.


• The Conservation Commission issued a negative determination for a deck to be constructed at 110 Gurnet Rd.


• The board issued a negative determination with a condition that the applicant Charlie White comply with an approval letter sent by the Division of Marine Fisheries regarding the new aquaculture grant.


• Commissioners issued a negative determination allowing the DPW to do routine maintenance for the next three years on the Powder Point Bridge and the town's landings on both the salt water and fresh water sides of town.

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