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12-21-06 Barc

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

Briefly describe the project:


The project is to make a huge speaker box that can transform into a gigantic speaker wall that is controlled by an IMac.


What have you accomplished this week?


I have designed the box on paper and will hopefully CAD it up over break. In addition, I have made a material list. I cut all the wood for boxing the imac and the structure for the speaker box. I have helped assemble the both the imac casing and the speaker box's frame. In addition I have thought about the different ways of building our sound system.


What problems have you overcome this week?


I overcame the problem of the 2x3's being warped as well as the problem of how to design and build the box. Also I have over come the problem of the box not being that strong by adding more screws and I will be adding more supports.


What are the most significant problems you face at this time?


Right now I am facing the problem of figuring out how to assemble an awesome sounding speaker system and how to get a bunch of music on to the computer. In addition I need to figure outthe best place to mount the imac and how to mount it.


What will you do to meet these problems?


I will be looking on line to find out about other speaker wall projects that have been completed to find out what is the best way to assemble the large pile of speakers. In addition, I will download tons of songs onto the imac, and possibly update or improve the imac to suit our song playing needs. I will ask our goop members where to put it and use the genneral consensus to find a good spot. Also te will help me attach the imac using only a paper clip(not realy probably some 2x3's and tons of screws).


What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?


I am going to be looking on line to see if anyone has done a similar project in the past in order to find the best way to configure the speakers. To comlete this I need to look on the internet, hackaday and make. I also need to obtain lots of speakers, speaker wire, mdf to put on the sides and to hold the speakers, and wheels preferably small casters.

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