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10-12-06 Barc

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 10 months ago

Briefly describe the project:

THe project is to take an old broken computer and make it run.


What have you accomplished this week?

Well we found out iformation from the out side of the computer. THen we opened it up and found out mor info. For example it has a pentium 2 processor. Then we started it up and found windows 98 on the computer. Unfortunetly the hard drive died and we have gone on a search for a new one. So far we have been able to find hard drives that would work after a formatting however we have run into problems when it comes to this. In addition we added a new ethernet compatable network card to replace the telephone network card. Secondly we added a newer sound card that uses less power than the existing card.


What problems have you overcome this week?

We have over come the problem of the RAM and the problem of not being able to put the computer on a ethernet network.


What are the most significant problems you face at this time?

Formatting the Hard Drive is the biggest problem. When I used the boot disk it was not able to find the execution file for formating a hard drive which means that there is some problem with the A-drive or the computer's ability to format because I used the same boot disk to format another hard drive.


What will you do to meet these problems?

I will try to format the hard drive through a different computer. Take it out and plant it into a new computer. Then format it there and put it back into our computer.


What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?

I plan to go on line and see if anyone else has had a similar problem with formatting and find out what they have done to fix it because I am quite frusterated with the amount of things that I have tried.

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