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03-06-07 ENG

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Briefly describe the project:


The project is to male a put-put boat. Then improve on the design by making our own. I am testing the boiler while keeping the boat relatiely constant.


What have you accomplished this week?


This week I have built a new hull out of styrofoam. I made it very small and relatively streamline. I made it so that I can test a number of different boilers without having to make a new boat every time. In addition I built a new small boiler. This boiler is a very small boiler. I am trying to see which size of boiler produces the best power. I found out that my large boiler didn't work due to the long amount of time that it took to heat up. In addition, my small boiler was another failure, however it was not a total loss because It worked well at the start and at the end I was able to examine the problems. The straws were to far in the boiler and they couldn't stand the heat. Therefore, I need to make a new boiler with heavier duty pipes rather than straws and make them go into the boiler as little as possible.


What problems have you overcome this week?


I have overcome the problem of making several boilers and being able to test them on a sigle boat. In addition, I have overcome not being able to produce specialized boilers. I hope to make a small and durrable boiler for my styrofoam speed boat that will be able to race. two good features about small boilers are that they are quick to start due to the small amount of water that they have to heat and they putt very quickly.


What are the most significant problems you face at this time? What will you do to meet these problems?


I now face the problem of finding a material to use as pipes because the straws melt to quickly in small boilers and then end up cloging the passage for water. This stalls and destroys the boiler. In addition, I need to figure out how the boiler acually works in order to further better my design.


What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?


I will need a material that can withstand high temperatures for my tubes. In addition I need information on how the boiler works.

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