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01-10-07 Barc

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Briefly describe the project:


The project is to make a speaker system that can be rolled arround school and play very loud music all controlled by an IMac. The Imac will use itunes with cds, ipod, or previously loaded music.


What have you accomplished this week?


I have found that I will not be able to finish the full box so I have redesigned it and are now compiling lots of speakers on a board in order to produce a large amount of sound. For the project, the Imac will still controll the system and I have secured it to the board using the box that we had previously attached to holdthe imac so that the screen is facing upwards. In addition, I installed the four casters on to the bottom of the board. Lastly, I have put the amp and equalizer under the computer.


What problems have you overcome this week?


I overcame the problem of not having enough time by changing the design to a much simpilar project. We no longer have tobuild a box that is designed to make the speakers sound good but also we will be attaching lots of speakers to this board that are already boxed in. In adition, this has enable us to skip over the finding more materials as well as the shopbot. Which I wish we had time for, but our project will not permit because the semester is over. Finnaly, I solved the problem of how to attach the Imac, by screwing up through the board into the previously attached suports.


What are the most significant problems you face at this time?


Now that the Imac has been fully attached, I am facing the problem of figuring out how to attach all the speakers to the board. Additionally I need to find a way of manuvering the Board O' Speakers.


What will you do to meet these problems?


I will probably attach the speackers by screwing up through the board into the bottom of the speacker boxes. In additon, I will either drill two holes through one side of the board and attach a piece of rope to make a loop pull. Or I will attach a banister type thing to puch the board.


What materials or information do you need? How do you plan on getting these materials or information?


I am all set as far as matterials go,I have all the speackers, MDF and Imacs that I need for the project. In addition I have fully completed the research needed for this project however I need to document this project in order to make sure that other people can learn from our experience.

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